User Policy

**Chapter 1: General Provisions**

**Article 1 (Purpose)**

These Terms and Conditions aim to regulate the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of the company and users when the user utilizes the internet service provided by the company.

**Article 2 (Effect or Change of Terms and Conditions)**

1. These Terms and Conditions take effect when the company announces them on the website or via email.

2. The company may change the Terms and Conditions without prior notice when there is an unavoidable reason. In such cases, the company will announce the changes through the service.

3. Users may request the cancellation of their membership if they do not agree with the changed Terms and Conditions. If a user does not request membership cancellation within 10 days from the date the changed Terms and Conditions become effective, it will be assumed that the user agrees to the changes.

**Article 3 (Rules Besides the Terms and Conditions)**

Matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions will follow the Telecommunications Act, the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection Act, and other related laws and regulations.

**Article 4 (Definition of Terminology)**

Key terminologies used in these Terms and Conditions:

1. **Member**: A person who has entered into a utilization contract with the company and is granted an ID (a series of characters, numbers, or a combination thereof) by the company.

2. **ID**: A series of characters, numbers, or a combination thereof created by a member and approved by the company, used to identify users and for the utilization of the service.

3. **Password**: A series of characters, numbers, or a combination thereof used to verify a member's identity in conjunction with their ID, protecting their personal information.

4. **Nickname**: A series of characters, numbers, or a combination thereof created by each member and approved by the company, used to identify, name, and represent themselves.

5. **Suspensions**: The restriction of a member's use of the service under the Terms and Conditions.

6. **Cancellation**: The termination of the utilization contract by either the company or a member after using the service.

7. **Point**: A score given to each member that may increase or decrease based on their level of participation and utilization of the service.


**Chapter 2: Contract of Service Utilization**

**Article 5 (Establishment of Utilization Contract)**

1. When applying for a service contract, if an applicant presses the Accept button after reading the Terms and Conditions, it is considered that they agree with the agreement (Terms and Conditions).

2. The Utilization Contract is established upon the agreement of the service applicant and approval of the application by the company.

3. If a child under 14 years old wishes to utilize the service, they must go through a parental consent procedure as required by the company, after which the utilization contract will be established.

**Article 6 (Application for Utilization)**

Anyone wishing to use the service as a member must provide personal information as per the prescribed form designated by the company.

**Article 7 (Approval of Application for Utilization)**

1. The company approves applications following Article 6 in order, provided there are no special circumstances.

2. The company may reserve its judgment regarding the approval of applications for the following reasons:

1. Lack of service facilities.
2. Technological inconvenience.
3. Other unavoidable reasons recognized by the company.

3. The company may not approve the application if it falls under the following conditions:

1. The applicant did not use their real name.
2. The applicant under 14 years old did not obtain parental consent.
3. The applicant used another individual's name.
4. The applicant provided false information on the application form.
5. The applicant applied with the intention of disturbing public order or morals.
6. Uncertain contact information (telephone number, cellular phone number).
7. Other prerequisites set by the company are not fully satisfied.

4. If the company reserves or disqualifies an application under Article 2 or Article 3, it should notify the applicant of the refusal. However, the company may not notify the applicant if there are legal reasons for doing so.

5. If an ex-member tries to apply for the service with the same personal information within 90 days after membership termination, the company will not accept the application.

**Article 8 (Protection of Personal Information)**

1. The company respects the privacy of its members.

2. The company collects information provided by the member through the application, community activities, other service utilization, and event participation. Personal information will be used for the services provided and the performance of this contract.

3. The company cannot leak or distribute personal information to third parties without the member's consent. However, exceptions include:

1. Necessary communication service fee settlement for telecommunications services.
2. Statistical creation, scientific research, or market research where the information is anonymized.
3. Requests from relevant agencies as per legal procedures and methods for investigation purposes.
4. Special provisions in other laws.
5. Requests under GDPR and relevant laws.

4. Within the scope of the third term, the company may create collective statistics on all or part of the members' personal information and use it. The company can also send a cookie to a member through the service, which members can refuse or accept by changing their computer browser settings.

5. The company may change members' personal information under the following conditions:

1. If a member requests a change directly.
2. If false information or errors are detected.
3. If the ID or nickname contains personal information like a phone number or social security number, risking privacy invasion.
4. If the ID or nickname is contrary to public policy or offensive to others.
5. Other reasonable grounds.

6. As per Section 5 and 22, paragraph 3 of Article 7, the company retains personal information of members who terminate the service for 90 days. For members using paid services, the company retains information for 120 days to protect settlement and transaction information as per the "Law on the Promotion of Information Communications Network and Information Protection." The information is used only for the original purpose and not for other commercial purposes.

7. For more information on personal information protection, please refer to the Privacy Policy.

**Article 9 (Use of Personal Information)**

1. Personal information collected by the company is minimized to what is necessary for the service. However, the company may request more detailed information if needed.

2. The company may provide personal information of members who participate in events to organizers and third parties with the member's consent. If members do not wish their information to be shared, they should not participate in such events.

3. If the company outsources specific services, it may provide necessary personal information to the outsourced company with the member's consent. The outsourced company must use the information only for the commissioned purposes and not provide it to third parties.

4. The company obtains consent from users for collecting and using personal information for qualitative and quantitative improvement, custom services, online advertising, community services, and paid content services.

5. To improve service quality, the company may partner with professional content operators and business operators in various fields. The company provides personal information to these partners with the user's consent.

6. When sharing personal information with partners, the company obtains user consent and provides only the necessary information. The company indicates when, to whom, what information, and for what purpose the information is shared.

7. User consent for personal information use as per Sections 3 to 6 can be replaced by agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.

8. Members can withdraw their consent to the collection and utilization of personal information at any time by making a revocation request.

9. The company has embedded TalkingData statistics code in the service app to provide better services. Refer to the TalkingData Privacy Policy for details.

**Article 10 (Change of the Contract)**

1. Members can view and change their personal information at any time through personal information management.

2. Members are responsible for updating their membership information online if any changes occur. The member is liable for any issues arising from failure to update information.

3. Members can withdraw the use agreement, subject to constraints on service utilization. Withdrawal is done by making a revocation request.


**Chapter 3: Obligations of The Contracting Parties**

**Article 11 (Company’s Obligation)**

1. The company allows members to use the service on the day they sign up, unless there are special circumstances.

2. The company strives to provide reliable continuous service as per this Agreement. Any failure or disorder in equipment will be repaired promptly. However, services may be paused or stopped temporarily in case of natural disasters or emergencies.

3. Legitimate opinions and complaints from members will be processed appropriately. If processing takes time, the company will notify members of the reasons and schedule.

4. The company protects member privacy as detailed in Article 8.

5. The company strives to provide convenience to members in contract procedures, changes, and cancellations.

**Article 12 (Obligation of the Member)**

1. Members must comply with this article and notices from the company and not interfere with company business.

2. Members are responsible for managing their ID and password. Unauthorized use of granted ID and password is the member's responsibility.

3. If members find their ID and password are used illegally, they must notify the company immediately. Failure to notify will hold the member responsible for any resultant issues.

4. Members cannot conduct sales activities using the service without prior company consent. The company is not liable for issues arising from unauthorized sales activities. Damages to the company from such activities must be compensated by the member.

5. Without explicit company consent, service utilization authority and contractual status cannot be transferred or used as collateral.

6. Members must not engage in activities such as:

1. Providing false information during membership application or changes.
2. Misusing other members' ID and password.
3. Impersonating company operators, employees, or related persons.
4. Changing company client programs, hacking servers, changing parts of websites, or sending unusual information.
5. Harassing, threatening, or causing discomfort to other users.
6. Distributing personal information or data against service policies and agreements.
7. Using the service to create or distribute malicious programs.
8. Engaging in activities against laws, agreements, or service policies.
9. Engaging in gambling or adult services.
10. Posting obscene, violent, offensive content or advertisements that violate public policy.


**Chapter 4: Use of the Service**

**Article 13 (Service Usage Time)**

1. The service is provided 24/7 unless there are technical or administrative issues.

2. Services may be temporarily unavailable for company business or technology-related issues, such as system inspections, backups, replacements, or disconnections. Company will notify members in advance if possible. Emergency system inspection, repair, or replacement may lead to service suspension without prior notice.

**Article 14 (Service Usage)**

1. Members can use services as per the company's policies. Additional services may require separate agreements or fees.

2. Some services may have limited usage based on the user's age or country, in compliance with related laws or policies.

**Article 15 (Restrictions on Service Usage)**

1. The company may restrict service usage if members violate obligations in Article 12, engage in illegal activities, or cause disturbances. The company will notify members of the reasons and procedures for such restrictions.

2. If members repeatedly engage in restricted activities, the company may permanently suspend the service for those members.

3. The company reserves the right to take legal action against members violating these terms or engaging in activities against public order and morals.