How to Sell Drugs online (fast) is a perfect Crime thriller and Exciting series on Netflix, and there are two seasons available on Netflix where a simple nerd IT student who wants to make some extra and want to make an impression starts an anonymous drug-selling website, but he gets into trouble when he meets the drug mafia who is supplying best quality drugs to him. Best teen series with an awesome crime and thriller combination. In this article, you will see the best series like How to Sell Drugs Online fast on Netflix.

Best 10 Series like How to Sell Drugs Online Fast on Netflix

Breaking Bad

Genre: Crime, Drama, Award-Winning, Thriller

Breaking Bad is the best top-rated and most-watched crime drama series on Netflix with 9.4 IMDb ratings and 5 Seasons on Netflix. This show will definitely make you addicted to it and thrilled. The series follows a simple chemistry teacher who later comes to know about his cancer, but before dying he wants to make good money for his family, then he meets his one of the careless drug-addicted student and they start to make meth in a van and sell it, but this leads them to an unpredicted crime adventure from where there is no back again.

The End of the F***ing World

Genre: Crime, Teen, Thriller

The End of the F***ing World is an award-winning teen crime series on Netflix and the best series like How to sell drugs online on Netflix. The series follows two 17 years old teens, James and Alyssa, who left their home and goes on a road trip to find Alyssa’s father who left home when she was a child. This road trip takes them on an unpredicted crime trip where they have to commit some harsh crime and keep them safe from bad people around.


Genre: Crime, Teen, Thriller

Elite is a High School teen crime and Mysterious series on Netflix and the best series like How to sell drugs online on Netflix. The series follows the life of High School teens where the clash between Wealthy Students and Middle-class students leads to committing a murder which is mysterious and the show is perfect to make you thrilled and addicted.


Genre: Crime, Teen, Drama

Riverdale is a Mystery, Thriller, and Drama series on Netflix which follows a town named Riverdale where teen friends Archie, Betty, Jughead, and Veronica have to deal with the crimes in the town by thirsty criminals and past sins by their families.


Genre: Crime, Thriller, Drama

Ozark is a crime thriller series that follows a financial planner who relocates his family from Chicago to a summer resort community within the Ozarks. Marty is on the move after a money-laundering scheme goes wrong, forcing him to pay off a considerable debt to a Mexican drug baron so as to stay his family safe.

Good Girls

Genre: Crime, Thriller, Comedy

Good Girls is Drama, Crime, and comedy series like How to sell drugs online (fast) on Netflix. The story follows three mothers who get involved in a dark mess with Drug and violent groups of people. These moms perform some illegal works after some bad incident happens with a mafia group for some money and they get involved with them.

Control Z

Genre: Teen, Mystery

Control Z is a teen mystery series on Netflix with 7.0 IMDb ratings where a hacker hacks high school teens’ phones and reveals their secrets to the entire school’s phones but obsessed with this incident a teen social awkward Sofia works to uncover the hacker.

13 Reasons Why

Genre: Teen, Drama, Mystery

13 Reasons why is the best teen, thriller, and Mystery on Netflix like Riverdale. This series features a boy who found a set of CD cassettes, recordings he found were done by a girl who suicided and the reason is her social life and these recordings contain some dark secrets of people around him, and adventure and thrill start when he follows the recordings.

so guys here is the list of best series like How to Sell drugs Online (fast) on Netflix. Also if you like crime and teen shows then you can definitely watch these series.


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