Night Teeth is a Horror, thriller, teen horror, and suspense movie recently released on Netflix where a college student wants to earn some extra cash drives a cab, and picks up two mysterious women for a night of party-hopping across LA. But when he uncovers their bloodthirsty intentions and their dangerous shadowy underworld, then his journey begins and he fights to stay alive. If you liked this thriller and teen horror movies then you must have definitely like this movie and looking for more movies like Night Teeth and in this article, I will show you the best top 10 movies like Night Teeth on Netflix in India 2021.

Best 10 Movies like Night Teeth on Netflix

The Babysitter: Killer Queen

The Babysitter: Killer Queen is a Teen Horror, Scary, and Thriller movie on Netflix similar to Night teeth. The movie follows a teen boy Cole who survived a satanic blood cult Two years before, he’s living another nightmare that is high school but again he has to fight the demons from his past who is still making his life hell.

This movie is the second installment of the movie The Babysitter and the best teen horror movie franchise on Netflix.

Vampires vs. the Bronx

Vampires vs. the Bronx is another movie similar to Night teeth three gutsy kids from a town named the Bronx which is undervalued day by day and Vampires in human form buying all the plots to capture the town but these three kids have to fight and get their town back from the Vampires.

All My Friends Are Dead

All My Friends Are Dead is a teen horror and bloodbath movie where a group of friends at a New Year’s Eve party go through a cyclone of events that exposes secrets break hearts and leads to a shocking consequence.

Dead Kids

Dead Kids is a thriller, dark, and suspense movie where a socially awkward teen makes friends with a group of loners who plan to kidnap the school’s arrogant rich kid, until the kidnapping scheme turns deadly.

The Mansion

The Mansion is a Horror comedy movie where a group of students celebrates New Year’s at a remote Belgian estate, where their substance-fueled celebration soon falls into a bloodstained nightmare.

Fear Street 1,2,3

Fear Street is a slasher and bloodbath movie with three installments on Netflix, this horror movie trilogy unravels how a small town in Ohio has been tormented over the decades by an evil witch. Each installment takes place in a different time period.

There’s Someone Inside Your House

The movie is a teen, horror, suspense, and scary on Netlfix similar to Night Teeth where Makani and her friends at Osborne High School try to identify and stop a masked killer who’s targeting students and exposing their biggest secrets.

The Final Girls

The Final Girls is a Horror Comedy movie where Max, a young girl, and her group get accidentally transported into the movie they had come to watch. Later, a series of terrific adventures await them.

So, guys, these are the best movie similar to Night Teeth on Netflix, and also if you like watching Horror comedies, teen movies, or thrillers then you can definitely watch this list of movies on Netflix India.


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