A teacher is the basic need of every society. A great teacher is the hero of a nation. A good teacher generates future progress. Are you a teacher in any institution? Do you want to migrate, Canada to establish your future? Then this content is for you. 

Canada is a well-progressed country. There are a lot of opportunities for Canadians and foreigners. It offers numerous jobs in every sector. So that’s why there are many jobs to teach children and adults. These are the best sites to apply online;

  1. Education Canada
  2. Workopolis
  3. Canadian Job Bank

Here is a detailed note for a teaching career in Canada.

Top 5 Factors To Become A Teacher In Canada

Canada has a “Skilled workers program” for teachers. You should need to be qualified for this program. These are the top 5 essential factors;

1. The highest level of education

2. A good work experience

3. Licensing of a teaching course from Canada

4. Language efficiency 

5. Age

Canada is the best place to work and be settled. It is a dream country for hard workers. So, these are the five basic needs that will analyze in-depth. Let’s start to observe each point.

Requirements To Migrate Canada For Teaching

Students need a good teacher to bring their dreams true. So Teachers must need to be trained. Here are the steps that allow you to start your career in Canada.

1.Teaching certificate

You should have good teaching experience. Make sure not to depend upon only your current contract. You need to complete a teaching course in Canada. This certification takes almost six months to complete. 

However, certification will license by your chosen province of Canada. For example, To teach in Alberta, you need to be certified by the Alberta College of teachers. 

You can also avail this opportunity online, even from your home. 

2.Educational Aspects

You should have at least Bachelor’s degree or B.E.D. You may also require to pass the Teacher certification test. You must be proficient in the English language. So you have to clear the IELTS Academic test. 

You need to be professional in communication skills. 

3.Find The Right Province

There are a lot of legal institutions in different provinces. You should analyze the best place to move. You need to choose the institution/province that pays well according to skill. 

  • Top 3 Provinces

 are three top provinces to work in Canada as a teacher,

1. Alberta

The salary of teachers depends upon experience. There is a bright future as education has great value in Canada. Alberta might be a perfect start to your career. The average salary for secondary school is 50$ per hour.

2. Saskatchewan

 Saskatchewan is another best place to visit for building a career. There is a better scope for secondary school teachers. The average salary is 28-52$ per hour.

3. Ontario

As before, Ontario has fair employment for civilians and foreigners. It is not easy to get a job there. However, Ontario

considers as one of the best for a teaching career. The average salary is 40$ per hour.

Moreover, every province has its own school system. 

Selection Of Job Category

It is your own choice to move for Government or private teaching jobs. Both jobs are high paying. However, it is a better choice to move to a Gvt job. A Government job is more secure and stress-free. Its average salary is 23$ per hour. 

On the other hand, private jobs are stressful and have no security. At the same time, it is easy to get a private-sector job compared to Government. The average salary is 25$ per hour. 

Among the progressed cities, Ontario offers unlimited opportunities. You can get a job quickly there. It is your responsibility to find a high-paying job. 

High Paying Teaching Jobs

Canada is the country of opportunities. International applicants are more admirable as compared to civilians. So it is necessary to know about high-paying teaching jobs in Canada. 

These are the following;

  1. Elementary School teacher
  2. Health Educator
  3. Special Education Teacher
  4. High School Teacher
  5. EILTS Teacher (English as a second language teacher)

Moreover, you can get a job according to your sector. 

Benefits To Get As A Teacher 

Canada offers a lot of benefits to teachers. Along with a bright career, these are the following additional benefits that a teacher gets in Canada;

  1. Insurance coverage for family
  2. Medical, dental, and vision care
  3. Life insurance
  4. Long-term disability insurance
  5. Sick leave and study leaves

Final Thoughts

 In the end, a bright future is your fate and the result of your hard work.  It is your responsibility to use your mind in the right direction. As life is yours and you are the one to rule on it. This content clears all the basics for you. It’s time to wrap up things and start a successful journey as a Teacher in Canada.

So let’s consume it and start a professional career.


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