Winter, spring, and summer admissions to the University of Washington are open. International applicants to the University of Washington had an acceptance rate of 44%, indicating a somewhat selective admissions process. There are 60,000 students across the university’s three campuses, with 14% of them being international. The University of Washington offers 319 programmes to international students through its 18 schools and colleges. The MBA, master’s degree in computer science, and master’s degree in aerospace engineering are among the most popular programmes chosen by students.

Indian Students’ Advice: Although international applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0, Indian applicants should strive for an average of 3.72/4 (85%) in order to increase their chances of being admitted.

Deadlines for University of Washington admissions

Applications are invited by the university for the winter, spring, and summer intakes. The following lists the deadlines for undergraduate and graduate admission to the University of Washington.

Candidates should verify the deadlines for their specific degree programmes by going to the listings that have been published by the program’s faculty.

Undergraduate Admissions at the University of Washington

More than 238 well defined undergraduate programmes with 122 majors and 28 disciplines are available at the University of Washington. The University of Washington admissions office may have extra criteria for international students enrolled in undergraduate programmes.

How Can I Apply?

Step 1: Students must first create an account in order to apply. Go here to create an account!

Step 2: Proceed and select the programme and application type.

Step 3: Proceed and complete the program-related fields

Step 4: Carefully read the instructions before submitting your application.

Application Portal: Application Portal for Coalition

90 USD (around 7,100 INR) is the application fee.

Requirements for Undergraduate Admission:

official transcripts from high school
Essay or SOP for Americans
A minimum 2.0/4.0 (~73–76%) cumulative GPA is required.
Bank records
English proficiency score Verification/Affidavit of Sponsor’s Financial Support Form

Exams to study in the USA: Investigate

Make a University of Washington application.

Welcome to the online application for the University of Washington Graduate School. We are thrilled that you are thinking about attending the UW for graduate studies!

Examine the admission procedures to have a better understanding of the University of Washington’s graduate programme admissions process.

This online tool is not used by UW professional programmes. For information about admissions and guidelines for applying, please visit their websites.

New Applicants: School of Law (JD), School of Dentistry (DDS), School of Pharmacy (PharmD), and School of Medicine (MD)

New users need to set up an application profile. Your application profile will be utilised for each programme you choose to apply to if you choose to do so.

Fee for Application

You must submit an application and pay the applicable fee for each programme you wish to apply to. Subject to change without notice, the nonrefundable application cost is $85.00 (USD) or $75.00 for graduate non-matriculated applications. Only online payments with MasterCard or Visa credit/debit cards are accepted for the charge.

There’s a chance that some students will qualify for a waiver of the application fee.

Washington University School of Law

The Vision: To use scholarly research, moral advocacy, engaging instruction, and selfless public service to create and define just and sustainable laws and policies. The University of Washington School of Law strives to be the top public law school in the country as well as one of the most prestigious multidisciplinary legal studies institutes globally.

Our mission is to prepare our students to be global citizens by acting as their leaders and teachers. Our students are expected to reconsider and defend their views on the relationship between the law and social issues. When students discover that their main goal is to acquire the knowledge and abilities required to function as professionals, rather than just “learn the law,” they are frequently taken aback. Through their experience in examining statutes, court rulings, and other legal materials, they acquire knowledge about the composition and functionality of the legal system.

LLM Courses and Specialty Areas

Our students can benefit from our collaboration relationships with the environmental, engineering, medical, and public policy schools as well as the university’s technology transfer programme. The University of Washington School of Law offers eight master’s programmes. Our rich and thriving legal, software, bioengineering, government, and nonprofit communities—which include businesses like Starbucks, Microsoft, Amazon, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Allen Brain Institute, PATH, and many more—have significant ties to the law school as well. We give our students the chance to take advantage of the many advantages of attending a university in Seattle while studying at a prestigious law school among students from around the globe.

LLMs in Asian and Comparative Law

The Asian and Comparative Law LLM programme is a popular choice for American students who want to study the legal systems and cultures of East Asia, as well as for foreign students who want to study US law and perform comparative research. This demanding programme enhances writing and research abilities for comparative law as well as professional competency in the substantive laws of one or more Asian states. In addition to general law classes and a series of Asian and comparative law courses, students in this track have the option to conduct a significant legal research and writing project. Following graduation, they pursue legal careers with an emphasis on international work pertaining to Asia in Asia, Europe, or the US. A few graduates go on to work as legal scholars or in policy-related fields.

Deadline to submit an application: May 1 for US applicants; February 15 for foreign applicants.
Fee for application: $90
Accepted LLM CAS transcripts
Each year, up to ten students take part in this programme.

Please visit the Asian Law Centre website or send an email to [email protected] for further information.

LLM in General Law

For both domestic and foreign students whose areas of interest do not quite fit into one of the specialised tracks, there is a general legal track that allows them to customise their course of study. It gives students the freedom to pursue their personal and professional goals by allowing them to enrol in the courses they want. A number of our students have substantial work experience and are looking to advance in their current fields of practise. Some students are looking for further qualifications in order to start their careers or to be eligible to take the bar exam in a US jurisdiction (like New York or Washington) that accepts attorneys with foreign training. In the General Law programme, LLM students choose from a wide range of courses according to their career objectives and personal interests. They also take classes with JD and LLM students in other programmes. Students can concentrate on a specific substantive field, such as labour and employment law, dispute resolution, Native American law, criminal justice system, constitutional and administrative law, or the American legal system in general, or they can study cross-cutting and interdisciplinary studies.

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