Lupin is an amazing Mystery thriller Series on Netflix with a combination of action, mystery, Heist, and more. Netflix has released two parts of Lupin which is the continuation of the first part and you must be searching more series like Netflix and in this article, you will see the top 10 Shows on Netflix Which is similar to Lupin.

Assane Diop is an professional thief and a big fan of Lupin and after several year he tries to get revenge for his father who is framed for robbing precious Necklace a rich family. Assane Diop follows Lupin strategies to take his revenge and believe me it is awesome.

Best 10 Netflix Shows like Lupin 2021


Genre: Psychological Thriller, Mystery

You Series is one of the best mystery thrillers or psychological thrillers on Netflix which is similar to the Lupin series. The series follows a handsome bookstore manager who crosses paths for an aspiring female writer to be in a relationship, but this obsession of love to get her makes him perform dirty and terrible efforts.

Dark Desire

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Dark Desire is a thriller and revenge series like the Lupin series which makes both series content similar. A wife spends a fateful weekend far away from home that ignites passion but ends in tragedy, causing her to question the reality about those on the brink of her.


Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Action

Sherlock Holmes is an Exciting and thriller series and the most popular TV Show online. Dr. Watson, a former army doctor, finds himself sharing a flat with Sherlock Holmes, a genius detective individual with good experience in solving crimes. Together, they combat the foremost unusual cases.

13 Reasons Why

Genre: Mystery, Teen

13 Reasons why is the best teen, thriller, and Mystery on Netflix like Riverdale. This series features a boy who found a set of CD cassettes, recordings he found were done by a girl who suicided and the reason is her social life and these recordings contain some dark secrets of people around him, and adventure and thrill start when he follows the recordings.

House of Cards

Genre: Thriller, Politics

House of Cards, is political series and one of the best political dramas on Netflix right now where Frank Underwood who is a Democrat appointed because of the secretary of state. The way he handles the situation and the way he goes to achieve his dreams in dark ways is so dangerous. This is the perfect series if you like a thriller, dark drama in Hindi dubbed on Netflix India June 2021.

The Queen’s Gambit

Genre: Drama

The Queen’s Gambit is another similar series like Lupin on Netflix and the story is set during the conflict era, orphaned chess prodigy Beth Harmon struggles with addiction during a quest to become the best player in the world.


Genre: Thriller, Drama

Ozark is a crime thriller series that follows a financial planner who relocates his family from Chicago to a summer resort community within the Ozarks. Marty is on the move after a money-laundering scheme goes wrong, forcing him to pay off a considerable debt to a Mexican drug baron so as to stay his family safe.

The Spy

Genre: Thriller, Politics

THE SPY is a war and political series on Netflix where a spy from Mossad enters Syria as a businessman and thrill begins to become a successful undercover agent for his country. This series is inspired by the real-life story of former Mossad agent, Eli Cohen, who successfully goes undercover in Syria.

The Blacklist

Genre: Crime, Thriller

The Blacklist is Crime, thriller, and Mystery where A wanted criminal mysteriously surrenders himself to the FBI and offers to assist them to capture deadly criminals. His sole condition is that he will work only with the new profiler, Elizabeth Keen.

So, guys, these are the top 10 Shows like Lupin on Netflix. If you are looking for Drama, teen, thriller, crime, you can definitely go with this list. This list is based on ratings, reviews, and our personal views and we hope you will live this series. Also, there are more movies similar on Bingeflix.


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