Canada is the second-largest country besides Russia. Its capital is Ottawa. It is like a dream place for everyone. Most people consider the approval of Visa for Canada is not always successful and it’s like a tough task for them. While Canada Visa is a detailed Visa for which you have proper time and documents as well.

Tourist Visa and Visitor Visa are almost the same. Tourist Visa is multiple Visa so that you can travel or go back to Canada many times. Usually, it has a maximum of ten years limited according to the validity of the passport.

People who want to visit Canada and being faced some the problems regarding Visa and its approval, so for them, it will be very helpful. It helps you to get Visa without having many difficulties. So detail is here;

Visa Canada can be applied in two ways;

  1. On Paper Apply/ Offline Apply;

Most people take a printout of the Visa application and fill it out properly, but it takes four to five months for a response.

  1. Online Apply;

We are living in a social media world where everything is available on the internet. Most people apply for a Visa from Canada through an online Web site. It takes almost three to four weeks to respond.

There are many rumors like it is not 100% succeed and a few people get access to go to Canada but it is all fake. You can get a Visa of Canada while having the following aspects;

  1. Proper document
  2. Little bit of Travel history
  3. A sponsor
  4. Documents of employment or business

Then you will definitely get it. One of the major aspects is “What is your purpose of visit”. In this section, you must be careful and fill it out honestly.

Tourist Visa;

People who want to visit places in Canada or to meet relatives, they have to apply for a Tourist Visa in Canada. Even one can apply for this Visa without having any travel history and business. So no need to worry about approval if you follow these instructions.


So these are all steps to follow to get a tourist Visa Canada;

  1. Set a Visit Plan;

So, first of all, you have to set a visitation plan that when will you go and in what places you have to visit, set dates as well. In short, you have to do proper planning for going to Canada.

2.Hotel and Ticket Reservation;

You must do this planning before four months of visit. You have to reserve tickets and book hotels for staying in.

  1. Organize financial resources;

You must ready your bank statement and financial resources. If you have a Sponsor then get a Sponsor later. Provide proper documents of income resources.

  1. Cover Travel History;

As you are getting an access Tourist Visa, it is necessary to have a travel history. It means you must provide travel history, even it is regional.

  1. Write Cover Letter;

Firstly, in the Cover letter of travel, you have to mention the city name to visit. Then mention days of visiting. Mention staying point in the city and at the end when will you come back. This cover letter will show that you are going to visit only and not for permanent settlement.

If you have a sponsor, then provide details about him.

  1. Appointment from FedEx;

It’s essential to make an appointment with FedEx. All the documents either online or on the page regarding Visa for Canada are under the charge of FedEx. All of the above are the documents referred to by FedEx.

You have to pay 185 Canadian Dollars to FedEx.

  1. Passport;

You must provide a copy of your passport, ID Card, and educational documents as well.


So you have to provide as much evidence as you could. Your purpose is really for tourist Visa.


Canada is just a fantasy for everyone which might be possible in dreams only. If you have all the documents then it could be easy for you to turn your dreams into the real world. All the above necessities are mentioned to help you out from any difficulty while applying to access a Visa of Canada. It will help you out to get easily Tourist Visa for Canada and make a glorious memory of your life.


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