series like clickbait

Best Series like Clickbait on Netflix

Clickbait is a suspenseful, thriller, mystery series on Netflix where, when a family man Nick Brewer is abducted in a crime with a sinister online twist, those...
new shows on netflix in september 2021

New on Netflix in December 2021

Discover the New Releases on Netflix in December 2021 worldwide. Netflix is ready to blow your mind in December by releasing the top most-watched and people are...
new on netflix in august 2021

New Shows and Movies on Netflix in August 2021

Netflix is ready to release more amazing and breathtaking shows and movies in August 2021. You must be finding what shows are going to release in August...
best series like how to sell drugs online fast on netflix

Top 10 Series like How to Sell Drugs Online fast on Netflix

How to Sell Drugs online (fast) is a perfect Crime thriller and Exciting series on Netflix, and there are two seasons available on Netflix where a simple...
series like the good doctor on Netflix

Best Series like The Good Doctor on Netflix

The Good Doctor is an amazing medical drama TV series newly listed on Netflix. One of the best drama series I had watched in which a gifted...
best series like the seven deadly sins on Netflix

Best Series like The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins is an amazing anime manga series on Netflix and you get addicted to this series and recently the new season which is season...
Top 10 best series like Katla on Netflix

Top 10 Netflix Series like Katla 2021

Katla is a Mystery-thriller series on Netflix recently released and currently ranking under top 10 lists. This mystery series is based on the catastrophic eruption of the...
top 10 series like sweet tooth on netflix

Top 10 Series like Sweet Tooth on Netflix India

Sweet tooth is an amazing show on Netflix recently released and ranking in the top 10 shows list. You must have seen sweet tooth and must be...
best shows like Lupin on Netflix

Top 10 Shows like Lupin on Netflix 2021

Lupin is an amazing Mystery thriller Series on Netflix with a combination of action, mystery, Heist, and more. Netflix has released two parts of Lupin which is...
Best Shows like Ragnarok on Netflix

Best Shows like Ragnarok on Netflix

Ragnarok is the most underrated thriller shows on Netflix. Although it is not most watched after the release of season 2, views of Ragnarok Increased and placed...

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movies like army of thieves on netflix

10 Movies to Watch like Army of Thieves on Netflix

Army of Thieves is an adventure, robbery, and Action movie where A mysterious woman recruits bank teller Ludwig Dieter to lead a...
series like outer banks on netflix

5 Series to Watch if you liked Outer Banks

Outer Banks is a teen adventure series on Netflix where a group of teen friends goes on an adventure to find a...
scary movies and series on netflix

Top 10 Scary Movies and Series on Netflix

There is no limit for Scary and Horror movies on Netflix but, there are some top Titles that are certified Scary by...

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