If you are running your blog on Blogger and want to increase website speed in blogger then you are in the right place.

Even today, most bloggers use Blogger.com to run their websites. But as we know that we get very few tools to use in Blogger. And when it comes to the speed of the website, it becomes very difficult to increase the speed of the site through these limited tools.

But friends, today I am going to share the best ways to increase your blog or website speed in blogger. So read and apply these easy tips to speed up your blog.

Ways to Increase Website Speed in Blogger

1. Install a Low Size Theme

The size of the theme also plays a vital role in your site ranking. Most of the bloggers make mistakes while they install a theme on their website. Installing a low size theme would be very beneficial for your website and it will help you to increase your ranking & site speed.

As you can see some default templates in blogger, so if you want to keep your site simple then you can choose one of them. But if you like to install an attractive template then first of all you have to find that.

You can find free themes by searching on google.

Gooyaabitemplates.com is one of those best sites which provide free templates for Blogger.com.

Let’s see how you can download & upload a template on your blogger website. For this you have to follow these simple steps:-

1. Go to this link: Gooyaabitemplates

2. Choose a template which you like to install on your site.

3. You can also check the template preview by clicking on the Live Demo button.

4. Download the template by simply tapping on the Download button.

5. Now find the location where your file has been downloaded.

6. To upload that theme in your blogger website you have to extract the .zip file so that you can get the .xml file.

Extract Zip File into Xml

7. After extraction, you will see a folder, there will be an xml file in that folder. Open & check the file.

Extract Zip File & Find Xml File
Extract Zip File & Find XML File

8. Now login in your blogger account, and then click on the Theme option.

9. Tap on the Arrow next to the CUSTOMIZE button and then click on Restore.

Upload Template On Blogger Website
Upload Template On Blogger Website

10. Now you can upload the template you downloaded.

2. Reduce Image Size

One of the most important factors which matters in site speed is image size. If you upload a large size image in your content then it will make your website slow.

To avoid this, you have to upload a small size image in your article. Talking about WordPress, plugins are available in it. But if your website is on blogger then you have to do it yourself.

It is not a big deal. I am going to tell you an easy way to compress images for your website.

So you just need to follow these steps to compress your image.

1. Go to this link: CompressNow, after clicking this link you will land on this screen.

Compress Image Size
Compress Image Size

2. Now tap on the UPLOAD button and choose the image that you want to compress.

Reduce Image Size
Reduce Image Size

3. After that you have to adjust the Compression Level. More you want a small size of your image, the more you have to increase it. I will suggest you keep it less than 70%. And don’t worry about pixels, they will not get affected if you keep the bar below 70%.

Reduce Image Size
Reduce Image Size

4. Now tap on the COMPRESS button, and you can see the compressed image on the right hand.

Compress Image Easily
Compress Image Easily

5. You can clearly see the image size before & after compression. Now download the image and upload this image in your article. Here you can easily reduce the size of your images.

This is the image after compression. I hope you are satisfied with the size and pixels of this photo.

You should compress every image that you want to use in your website, this will definitely increase your site speed.

It can be quite difficult to manually compress and re-upload all the images you have on your website. But still, try to reduce the size of the image of your website as much as possible.

And keep in mind that next time whenever you upload the image, you will upload it on the website only after compressing it.

3. Keep Minimum Images in the Post

After writing the article, you have to see how many photos have to be put in them.

Some people make the mistake that they put 10-15 images in a 1000 word article, but you should not do this.

Because by doing so, the ranking of the website does not increase rather the speed of the site definitely decreases.

If not needed, 4-5 images will be enough in a 1000 word article, and you should compress these images too.

4. Remove Unused & Heavy Widgets

If you really want to increase the speed of your website, then you have to use only those tools and widgets which are necessary.

Remove all unnecessary widgets from your site. Adding too many widgets does not make a website attractive. And when it comes to the speed of the site, it affects it. Therefore, you should use only those widgets which are important such as Follow by Email, Pages and Search option.

And to make your site load faster you can remove Labels, Blog Archives, etc.

5. Keep Minimum Number of Post On Homepage

The speed of websites is most affected by their homepage, the more content and large files will be on your homepage, the more time it will take to load.

Homepage includes all content that you put there such as widget, post count, tools, pages. So I will recommend you to keep a minimum number of posts on your homepage. 7-8 posts will be enough.

If you don’t know how to do it, let me tell you to edit this option. Follow these step:

1. After login in your account, click on the menu bar.

2. Then click on Layout, there you see this screen.

Edit Number of Post on Homepage in Blogger
Edit Number of Post on Homepage in Blogger

3. In the Page Body section, find the Blog Post option and click on the edit button.

4. Now in the first option you can edit the number of posts on the main page.

Speed Up Your Blogger Blog
Increase Your Website Speed in Blogger

6. Don’t Use Much Ads on Website

Most bloggers make this mistake after receiving Adsense or any other Ad Network approval. They keep putting lots of advertisements on their website.

Due to which the speed of the website is greatly affected. Rather, Ads & Third Party Codes affect website speed the most.

So friends, if you are thinking that you will earn more by applying more ads, it will not happen. Because when the speed of the site slows down then on your website

Because when the speed of the site slows down then your website will neither rank nor traffic will be able to come, due to which you will not be able to earn even

That’s why first you should focus to rank your site and to generate traffic. Once your site starts getting rank then you can put ads, but with limits.

7. Use Minimum Javascript

More you use less Javascript the more it will be good for your website. Javascript files are very complex, therefore too much use of Javascript can impact your site speed a lot.

Only use when it is necessary, and use only on the page that it needs so that your whole site will not get affected much.

Also, do not use the Javascript Share Buttons. If you want then you can use HTML & CSS Share Button.

To make your website better, do not make it complex. So keep the site simple so that the speed does not decrease.


So these are some ways in which you can increase the speed of your website. If you apply all these methods correctly, then the speed of your website will definitely increase. Go and check the speed of your website now and after applying on your website what is mentioned in it, check again you will definitely see the difference.

I hope you guys like this article and it helped you to increase your website speed in blogger. If you think that this content is valuable then share it with others. If you still have any query you can ask us in the comment below.


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