Outer Banks is a teen adventure series on Netflix where a group of teen friends goes on an adventure to find a Treasure which is linked with one of the group members’ father’s disappearance. There are two seasons of this series and new seasons will be released in 2022. You must have definitely liked this teen series and searching for more series on Netflix like Outer Banks. In this article, I will show you the best 5 Series like Outer Banks on Netflix which you definitely love.

Also if you like Teen, Action and adventure series then You must watch this series.

5 Best Series like Outer Banks on Netflix


Riverdale is a teen, Romance and thriller series and Mysterious adventure series where Archie, Betty, Jughead, and Veronica tackle being teenagers in a town that is common with evil events happening and blood-thirsty criminals.

Riverdale is an amazing show. Its mysteries and exciting events have everyone on the edge of their seats wondering what’s going to happen next. The story was sad but creative cause it gives the watchers something to hope for and possibly makes them think of a strategy to see if they know who did it before the end of the season.

Locke and Key

Locke & Key is a teen, Magical Mystery, and adventure series where a Locke family moves to their Hometown into their Family House named Locke House, the kids find some magical keys in their house which had amazing magical powers, and all these events are related to their fathers and grandparents. This show will definitely give you the feel of a Mysterious Adventure experience like Outer Banks.


A grieving teenager finds an unexpected connection with two classmates at her new high school when they all land in the same Shoplifters Anonymous group.

This show is so interesting, complicated, funny, original, diverse, and a refreshing YA show that isn’t far-fetched or unknown to most people. I think this show has so many stories that represent so many people, which is what makes it so authentic and true to the world.

The Society

Busloads of Connecticut high school students head off for an extended camping trip, but a storm forces them to return home. Upon their return, the teens realize that all of the town’s adults are gone in this modern take on “Lord of the Flies.” Their newfound freedom is fun at first, but it quickly becomes dangerous.

While they struggle to figure out what has happened to them and how to get the town back to normal, the teens must establish order and form alliances in order to survive.


High school outcast Josh is searching for his missing girlfriend in post-apocalyptic Glendale. He’s joined by a group of misfits Angelica and his former bully Wesley. On the way, they’ll face many weird things.

So guys, these are the list of best series like Outer Banks on Netflix you can definitely watch.


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