Amazon Prime Video listed most of the Hollywood and Amazon Original Movies on Amazon Prime Video in India in Hindi dubbed language. You will see the best movie lists on prime video with the best Genre like Action, Thriller, Teen, Adventure, and Comedy. Amazon Prime is an amazing OTT platform after Netflix to try with perfect Amazon Originals shows and Movies on Amazon Prime.

20 Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video in Hindi Dubbed

Wonder Woman 1984

Genre: Adventure, Action

Wonder Woman 1984 is a perfect Hindi dubbed movie on Amazon Prime Video and you will definitely love it. In this series of movies, Wonder Woman finds herself battling two opponents, Maxwell Lord, a shrewd entrepreneur, and Barbara Minerva, a friend-turned-foe. Meanwhile, she also finishes crossing paths together with her love interest.


Genre: Action, Thriller

Tenet is the best thriller movie in Hindi dubbed on Prime Video. The movie features a Sci-fi weapon which is a couple of objects which will be manipulated and used as weapons within the future that can be destroyed under the incorrect hands, a CIA operative, referred to as the Protagonist, must save the planet.

Another Round

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Another Round is a comedy-drama genre movie in Hindi dubbed audio on Amazon Prime Video. The movie follows four high school teachers consume alcohol on a day to day to discover how it affects their social and professional lives.


Genre: Horror, Dark

Tumbbad is an Indian horror and most popular movie on prime video where a family builds a temple for Hastar, a monster who is never to be worshipped, and attempts to get their hands on his cursed wealth, and they face heavy fatal and dangerous consequences.

Kong: Skull Island

Genre: Adventure, Action

Kong: Skull Island is an action-adventure movie perfectly dubbed in Hindi on Prime Video. This movie is a Godzilla franchise where a crew that reaches Skull Island to map it, is attacked by a humongous ape. The survivors then regroup to find out more about the ape, the island’s natives, and underground monsters.


Genre: Horror, Thriller

IT is one of the best Horror and thriller movie in Hindi dubbed movie. In this movie, Seven helpless and bullied children are forced to face their worst nightmares when Pennywise, a shape-shifting clown, reappears. The clown, an ancient evil torments children before feeding on them.


Genre: Thriller, Drama

The parasite is a South Korean film and award-winning movie which features a human life class, The struggling Kim family sees a chance when the son starts working for the rich Park family. Soon, all of them find how to figure within an equivalent household and begin living a parasitic life.


Genre: Sci-fi, Thriller

Gravity is a Sci-fi and award-winning movie on Prime video. On a space mission, Dr. Ryan Stone, an engineer, and Matt Kowalski, an astronaut, are hit by high-speed space debris. because the situation gets dire, Stone, the lone survivor, rises to the occasion.

American Pie: The Naked Mile

Genre: Adult-Comedy, Comedy

The Naked Mile is a popular movie of American Pie franchise movie series and one of the best adult comedy movies and you will love this movie. A high school student has high hopes that he is going to be ready to lose his virginity at a notorious race where people run within the nude.

The Mummy

Genre: Adventure, Action

The Mummy is an Action-adventure and 90s movie and still popular where Adventurer Rick O’Connell and Egyptologist Evelyn, with a team of archaeologists, accidentally awaken an evil mummy during an archaeological discovery at the traditional city of Hamunaptra.

Final Destination 3 & 5

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Final Destination is an American horror franchise composed of 5 films, two comic books, and nine novels. In the third franchise, Wendy a teenager saves her friends’ lives when she features a feeling that the roller coaster they’re close to getting on will crash. However, everyone within the group starts to die in horrifying ways.

The Captain

Genre: Drama, Thriller

The Captain is a Thriller Drama movie where a commercial flight’s cockpit windshield shatters at an altitude of 30,000 feet. because the pilot struggles to regulate the aircraft, the crew must keep the passengers safe.

The Mummy Returns

Genre: Adventure, Action

Another franchise of “The Mummy” movie in Hindi is Dubbed on Prime Video. When an archaeologist couple’s son finds the Bracelet of Anubis, it locks onto his wrist. A cult restores Imhotep, an evil Egyptian high priest, who needs the bracelet to defeat the Scorpion King.

Bad Boys for Life

Genre: Action, Comedy

Bad Boys is a badass action comedy movie where two Detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett join the Miami Police Department’s special team AMMO to bring down the cruel Armando, who is on a mission to kill Mike at his mother Isabel’s orders.

Valerian and the City of Thousand Planets

Genre: Sci-fi, Action

Valerian and the City of Thousand Planets is an Action-adventure and Sci-fi movie available on prime video. Valeria and Laureline, two special operatives for the space platform of Alpha, need to protect the town from an evil force that threatens not only its existence but the longer term of the universe.

Bermuda Tentacles

Genre: Sci-fi, Thriller

Bermuda Tentacles is a thriller movie where the United States Navy sends their best team to Bermuda Triangle to rescue the president, but they awaken a monster that becomes a danger to mankind.

Johnny English

Genre: Adventure, Comedy

Johnny English is a perfect action-comedy movie on Prime video in Hindi Dubbed. When a hacker breaks into the govt database and exposes the active undercover agents in Britain, Johnny English is hired to catch the culprit.

American Pie: Reunion

Genre: Adult-Comedy

American Pie: Reunion is a final movies series from the American Pie franchise and the best franchise ever. In this series of movies, a group of friends visits their hometown after a decade. While they look back over their school life and await the upcoming reunion, another high school senior is on the lookout for the right date.


Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

Ted is a comedy movie by Hollywood and there is one more sequel to the movie which is Ted 2. The movie covers John Bennett was a shy boy, he made a wish that Ted, his beloved teddy, would wake up which comes true in his adulthood time. There are more franchises in this movie so, don’t forget to watch it.

Star Trek Beyond

Genre: Sci-fi, Action

Star Trek Beyond is a Sci-fi movie and movie from the most popular Sci-fi Franchise Star Te When the Enterprise crashes after an attack by the dictator Krall and a swarm of drones, Kirk, Spock, and therefore the crew must find how off a hostile planet and stop Krall before he destroys the Federation.

Grown Ups 2

Genre: Comedy

Grown Ups 2 is a comedy American movie where Lenny Feder an ordinary man who moves his family to his hometown and appears forward to spending time together with his old friends. However, he and his companions soon face bizarre situations and new enemies.

So guys, here is the list of best Hindi dubbed Movies on Amazon Prime Video in India. These lists contain all types of genre movies like Action, thriller, comedy, adult-comedy, Adventure, drama, and more.


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