10 Creative Uses for Chromecast from Google

10 Creative Uses for Chromecast from Google


10 Creative Uses for Chromecast from Google:The Google streaming device is capable of more than just playing videos on your large screen.

Chromecast for Google

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Chromecast from Google is just one device.

among several that enable you to watch content from websites and applications on your TV. There are several ways to share media to your television screen, from Roku to smart televisions. A Chromecast’s true cool factor lies in its ability to do much more than just let you view online recordings on a larger screen.

The Google Chromecast’s ability to show any tab from a vast array of programmes onto your television, or even your entire workspace, opens up a plethora of creative applications. As does the casting button’s growth into an ever-widening range of applications.
Here are some creative uses for your Chromecast, or more reasons to get one if you’re still not able to convince yourself to add one to your collection of devices.


Play a Photo Slideshow for Your Friends
In the unlikely event that you move your photos to a photo-sharing website such as Flickr, a social media platform such as Facebook, or even a cloud storage service like Dropbox, you can essentially view the photos in your Chrome browser and project that tab onto your television. Rejuvenate your photos on a large screen rather of crowding around a tiny PC screen.

Similarly, Chromecast features what many call Encompassing Mode. When you’re not using the Chromecast efficiently, this screen appears, displaying erratic images, a clock, and the date. In the unlikely event that you have a Google Photos account, you can link it through the Home app to have your stored photos displayed when Encompassing Mode activates.

Give a Show or Demo
The Chrome program’s option to cast the screen
The ability to broadcast content on your TV screen that goes beyond a programme tab is a fantastic feature of Chromecast. Additionally, you can project your entire workspace. All you have to do is click the Cast icon in your programme, choose Sources, and then Cast Screen.


This is a fantastic way to give PowerPoint presentations to clients, share introductions with them, and that’s only the beginning. Your introductions and demos can be presented anywhere there is a TV and remote access. It goes without saying that, in order to make directing the show easier, it is preferable to have a remote mouse handy when doing anything similar.

Permit Others to See Your VR Perspective
Man using virtual reality goggles
It may be rather entertaining to watch someone use a VR headset, especially if it’s their first time experimenting with the technology. ever if you might laugh at your mother writhing around before the PC was ever considered a gathering movement, there is a better way to create VR entertainment that appeals to all audiences.

There are VR frameworks that allow you to project what the client sees onto a television screen, one of which is the Meta Journey. Usually completed through the VR framework’s friend application, this is as easy as projecting from another programme—for instance, by hitting the cast button.

Make Use of Your TV as an Amazing Computer Screen
You may require a large PC screen whether you need to present a demonstration or display to others. If you’re not planning on buying any additional devices, why not utilise Chromecast, all other factors being equal? All you need, assuming you’re using your work space, if you have a PC or work area, is a Chromecast, a remote mouse, and a remote console.

Again, just like when using Chromecast to stream a video, you can project not just a tab but your entire workspace.

Make family video visits easier to navigate.
A handy webcam displayed on a TV
Consider projecting your workspace onto your television if you’re having a video conversation with a loved one rather than trying to get everyone gathered around a computer to see who you’re speaking with. If you’re using a PC for the conference, put it in front of the TV so that everyone else can see you all as well. Set your webcam on the television if you happen to have a decent tiny webcam. The person you are video chatting with is suddenly visible to you on an enormous screen.

Projecting directly onto a screen or from within an application window is possible with many video chat and conference programmes. For example, Skype can be shared to Chromecast using the programme and the Skype mobile application (but not via the Windows Skype application).

Watch Your Favourite Digital Broadcast Online
If you are anything like us, digital recordings will probably account for a significant portion of your list of things to do. Sometimes it’s a good idea to put on your headphones, block out the outside world, and immerse yourself in your favourite computer conversation. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other options, such as using your Chromecast, to watch an online recording.

Many of the most well-known online video recorders allow you to project content to Chromecast so you can watch it on your TV speakers. In addition to enabling you to record online with friends or family, this is useful when you need to be able to tune out noise from the doorbell, the kids, or other sources.

Get in Shape or Look for Ways to Get Better at Dancing
The Just Dancing Now selection screen within a software window
There are two options for using your Chromecast for exercise or fitness. The Simply Dance Now application is among the best. With the help of this free app, you are compelled to mimic the movements of the person on screen in time to the music.

You can use a Chromecast to stream the dance video to your TV, and your phone will track events as they happen while you hold it. It’s amazing prankery and a fantastic way to become a little more lively without going out.

Get comfortable with the TV Verses to Melodies.
Spotify music streaming or a similar music management system like the Chromecast are actually obvious options. If the music administration application isn’t equipped with a cast button, you can usually play the tab within the programme and cast it. You probably won’t know, though, that you can also project the verses for almost any song onto your television.

While there are a few apps that can help with this, MusixMatch: verses locater is among the best. A few popular music web-based features allow you to project music. To do so, enter MusixMatch, find the song, and then click the Cast option. The verses will appear on your TV screen as a drifting box.

Play Multipurpose Games on a Large Screen
Up until recently, your only option for playing a game on the Chromecast was to select a title based on a programme and project the tab onto your TV. Nowadays, a lot of portable games offer the option to be played via a Chromecast. You usually use your phone as a controller when the game is on the big screen. Some games also allow you to use a Bluetooth mouse and console.

There will often be games featured as well if your television has Chromecast integrated. These can be operated with the remote control for your television, but you may also be able to use your phone to control them.

Turn a TV into a Dashboard: Here’s an illustration of a gekkoboard dashboard
Although your Chromecast is primarily an entertainment device, there are other uses for it as well. Like when used for video conferences or introductions, a Chromecast can be a useful business tool. Projecting a personalised dashboard is among the most intriguing uses.

Projecting is allowed by some Dashboard administrations, such as Gekkoboard and the Android app Dashboard Cast. The dashboards can be customised with RSS channels, forecasts for the weather, publicising news, and even features like site exploration. You may keep important data visible while using your PC by connecting a Chromecast to a TV or another screen.

Imaginative Uses for Your Chromecast
There are an endless number of creative applications for a Google Chromecast. These ideas comprise some of our top goals for the minimum smart streaming gadget. Ideally, they will inspire you to think outside the box and help you discover a lot more uses for your Chromecast than just movie streaming.

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